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Massage Therapy Client Appreciation Offers

The staff at Umai Health Massage Therapy would like to show our appreciation to our valued clients by offering affordable and health enhancing offers. For our new clients, we offer the New Client Special; a package of 3 massages for the cost of two. We find that clients notice a very distinct positive difference in how they feel with at least 3 massage sessions within a 6 week period. Our second offer is for our valued regular clients called .5 for Five. For every 5 massage sessions within a 5 month or less period, you will be sent a Way to Go to Health postcard good for a 30 minute upgrade on your next massage or half off a 60 minute massage. The best part is this offer is cumulative and can be put towards a gift certificate for friends and family. We hope that you will take advantage of these offers to further your healthy and stress reduced life style. Never underestimate the power of touch when the intent is to heal.

Therapeutic or Orthopedic Massage

Therapeutic massage can come in many forms. To really understand the massage best suited to each clientís condition, our therapist do extensive evaluations, muscle testing and interview. Whether the muscle and joint dysfunction is because of age, repetitive motion strain, sports injury or stress from life, you and your therapist at Umai Health Massage will decide on the best treatment plan to gain the optimal results from your visit.
60 minutes, $90. A wonderful time frame for complete bodywork. We are able to address specific problems and still have a relaxing experience. 90 minutes, $130. The ultimate in massage therapy. A complete and integrated massage that includes orthopedic assessment, deep tissue massage and stretching.

Hot Stone

Hot Stone Massages are a wonderful and therapeutic way to relieve stress and relax tense muscles. The warming effect of the smooth stones on the body and the integration of hand and stones allow the therapist to ease tired and tight muscles on a greater dimensional level. Hot stones also increase pliability within tight tendons and aides in relief from tendon conditions such as plantar fasciitis, patella tendonosis and chronically tight IT bands.
90 minutes, $130. We recommend at least 90 minutes in order to get the full benefit of the hot stone massage.

Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy can be a joyous and exciting time. As your pregnancy progresses, the physiological changes to joints, muscles and bones can be a squeak in an otherwise happy body. Lower back, legs and shoulder muscles can become sore and achy due to the added pressure and weight of the baby. Prenatal massage can help easy some of the effects of pregnancy and leave you and your body relaxed and rejuvenated
60 minutes, $90. Enjoy the relief from stressed joints from pregnancy with proper bolstering for all stages of your pregnancy. Please indicate at time of scheduling if you are high risk or have any other difficulties. 90 minutes, $130. For those momís to-be that need just a bit more work to help them feel terrific.

Massage for Grief and Loss

Grief from loss can come in many forms. We can grieve a spouse or loved one who has passed away or we can grieve the loss of a relationship due to divorce or breakup. How we cope and go through the process of grieving determines how we can best go on with our lives in a more normal and productive fashion. Massage has been shown to help those in the grieving process to reconnect with themselves and their bodies after the stress and trauma associated with loss and provide relief from muscles bound up with sadness.


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