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Spinal Reflex Therapy, or SRT, is not massage. It is treatment based on very different physiological principles discovered by Dr. Frank Jarrell. The most recent understanding is that the axial spinal reflex is at the heart of most nerve, joint and muscle dysfunction. That dysfunction comes about as a result of a rapid cascade of events that results in a breakdown in function. It is a bit like a landslide where a single “trigger” rock hits and causes more and larger rocks to fall in a cascade of events. The primary source of pain comes from reflex triggers that pull the spinal facet joints into dysfunction.


The scientific basis for SRT is a reflex is always a reflex. It is consistent and predictable, just like when a doctor taps your knee with a hammer and your knee jerks. SRT is based on finding the specific reflex points near the spine that trigger the cascade of problems. When an Axial Spinal Reflex becomes chronic and produces chronic pain, it produces a pre-determined pattern of shortened muscle fibers within the core regions of the spine. That is what SRT addresses directly.

Spinal Reflex Therapy is effective for neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, pain in the arms and pain in the legs. It is predictable and reliable in determining which muscle fibers are creating pain, muscle and joint dysfunction. The first SRT consultation consists of evaluation of the clients’ pain and a preliminary treatment.

Initial Evaluation and Treatment $130.00

Follow Up Treatment $80.00

SRT and Massage $110.00

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