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Vienna Acupuncture

Umai Health Center is your local leader for acupuncture health care; serving the greater Washington Metro Area of Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.

At Umai Health, your health needs will be addressed in a relaxing, friendly, and confidential setting where we will discuss your health concerns, assess underlying conditions, and provide treatments specific to your needs. Umai Health also maintains association with other health care organizations, such as the Georgetown University Immunology Center and the Fairfax INOVA Life with Cancer Center, and can provide you with referral services with other top medical professionals as your situation may require.

In addition to the treatment of general health issues (lower back pain, stiffness, etc.), we maintain specialized expertise related to treatments for cancer, immune system based disorders (asthma, arthritis, etc.), addictions (smoking, substance abuse, etc.), as well as for cosmetic improvement (scar reduction/elimination, facial rejuvenation protocol, etc.).

Please call, visit, or explore our website at your convenience to find out more, or to schedule a confidential discussion or treatment. 


***Special Offers:
The staff at Umai Health Massage Therapy would like to show our appreciation to our valued clients by offering affordable and health enhancing offers. For our new clients, we offer the New Client Special; a package of 3 massages for the cost of two. We find that clients notice a very distinct positive difference in how they feel with at least 3 massage sessions within a 6 week period. Our second offer is for our valued regular clients called .5 for Five. For every 5 massage sessions within a 5 month or less period, you will be sent a Way to Go to Health postcard good for a 30 minute upgrade on your next massage or half off a 60 minute massage. The best part is this offer is cumulative and can be put towards a gift certificate for friends and family. We hope that you will take advantage of these offers to further your healthy and stress reduced life style. Never underestimate the power of touch when the intent is to heal.

Our team of skilled, dedicated and professional massage therapists will provide a customized massage for each and every client.  Our goal is to correctly evaluate and treat our client's conditions and tailor a treatment plan to gain the most out of each and every session.

Whether your pain and discomfort stems from overwork, stress or sports related injury or from chronic conditions such as sciatica, stenosis or spondylosis, the massage therapist at Umai Health Center will help relieve muscle and joint dysfunction and help you to reduce pain and regain flexibility in stiff joints and muscles.

We offer a variety of massage therapies such as Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot Stone and Prenatal.  Please use our convenient online scheduling link to schedule your appointment today.

Spinal Reflex Therapy or SRT

Spinal Reflex Therapy uses specific reflex points near the spine that trigges a cascade of problems. When an Axial Spinal Reflex becomes chronic, and produces chronic pain, the result is a pre-determined pattern of shortened muscle fibers within the core regions of the spine. That is what SRT addresses directly. SRT reduces or eliminates both acute and chronic pain.


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