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Umai Health Center is your local leader for integrative health care including acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutritional and other holistic approaches to improving your health.

Umai Health maintains association with other health care organizations, such as the Georgetown University Immunology Center and the Fairfax INOVA Life with Cancer Center, and can provide you with referral services with other top medical professionals as your situation may require.

In addition to the treatment of general health issues (lower back pain, stiffness, etc.), we maintain specialized expertise related to treatments for cancer, immune system based disorders (asthma, arthritis, etc.), addictions (smoking, substance abuse, etc.), as well as for cosmetic improvement (scar reduction/elimination, facial rejuvenation protocol, etc.).

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At Umai Health, we offer our patients a variety of acupuncture protocols, tailoring them to best fit your needs. These protocols include general health disorders, cosmetic treatments and specialized protocols such as cancer and immune system disorders.
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Neurofeedback is a form of mental training that deals with imbalance within the brain. Imbalance could cause numerous issues, including: anxiety, depression, attention deficits, migraines, and sleep disorders.

Integrative Telemedicine

At Umai Health, we offer our patients a variety of services tailoring them to best fit your needs. Online integrative telemedicine includes health assessment (review of medical records and tests results); recommendations on natural approaches to improving patients' health (herbs, supplements, acupressure, essential oils, stress management tools).